Holy Lamb Organics- Puddle Pad Moisture Barrier, for changing table mat/bassinet 19 x 35"

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Product Information

A moisture barrier is like a textile insurance plan: you’ll want to have one before you need one. Essential for little ones’ beds.

Wool protection because accidents will happen

Yes. The wool insurance plan. A great way to safeguard your incredible bedding from the inevitable accidents and to make it last as long as possible from the get-go.

How can this fabric be a moisture barrier? Good question! It’s the wool, plus the way it’s woven, that makes it naturally water repellent; tightly woven and slightly felted. It lays flat on top of the mattress and is held in place by the fitted sheet without straps. This is a natural replacement for a vinyl plastic or synthetic mattress cover.

The nap of the surface is water resistant and keeps dampness from getting through. These “Puddle Pads” are an essential item for parents of little ones available in both bassinet and crib sizes.

Moisture Barriers work best in tandem with a thin cotton blanket placed on top of the Moisture Barrier and under the fitted sheet. The cotton layer soaks up the moisture quickly while the Moisture Barrier prevents it from absorbing through to the mattress.




This Product Uses The Following Raw Materials

Wool Barrier Textile:

A completely natural moisture barrier without any fillers or additives, this woven wool textile is the perfect chemical free solution for mattress & topper protection.

Our Moisture Barriers & Puddle Pads are now made with local domestic Northwest Eco-Wool. This means the wool is sourced in the USA and supports small sheep farmers in the Northwestern states.

The growers adhere to all the same standards as you would for Organic wool as well as for Premium Eco-Wool™ and is certified and tested through Holy Lamb Organics mill.

  • Made of 100% virgin wool
  • Sourced from the USA state’s Idaho & Wyoming
  • 32 oz. of pure wool in each yard


Product Specifications

  • Northwest Eco-Wool Barrier Textile
  • Dimensions:
    • Changing Table 19” x 35”
    • Bassinet 19” x 35”

Your Baby and Wool

Of course you want the softest, safest, cleanest, most natural materials right next to your baby. That's what we want for our children too.

What if my baby is allergic?

Many times babies and adults are actually allergic to the chemicals and fire retardants in bedding, rather than the materials themselves.

We do not use any chemicals in the processing of our wool. There is no carbonization (wool dipped in a chemical bath) whatsoever.

Our sheared wool is washed with a biodegradable soap and rinsed several times in scalding hot water before going to the mill to be carded. It's actually the cleanest wool available on the market. Seriously - and we've seen it all.

Isn't wool scratchy?

Some wools are, but not all of them. Two factors contribute to itchy wool:

1. the grade of wool (coarse to fine), and 
2. Carbonization chemical processing.


So to address both factors:

1. Our wool is a snuggle soft medium-fine grade wool. It's inherent loft makes it an ideal wool blend for bedding. 
2. Our wool is never carbonized. EVER.


Our Sustainable Wool Program

Locally Sourced:
Our wool is sourced locally from small USA sheep farmers on the West Coast. The majority of wool used in the bedding industry is imported from New Zealand and Australia, greatly undermining our own local farms and our economy. Support local wool!

Sustainable Practices:
The USA farmers who grow our wool practice sustainable farming practices- healthy choices that are good for people, land and animals. In turn, for following these best practices, the farmers are paid a fair price for their wool. It is a win win situation for everyone. For specific sustainable practices, please see Our Wool Mill. 

High Quality Clean Wool:
Not all wool is the same. It depends on the machinery. Our mill produces the cleanest wool we’ve found, due their exceptional carding process. It employs additional breakers to produce a dust free and virtually vegetable matter free wool. We deliver the highest quality organic bedding to you and your loved ones.

Non-Itchy, Not Carbonized, Not Bleached:
Our wool does NOT go through a carbonization process nor is sheep dipping involved and it’s never bleached. We use a Medium-Fine wool blend which is the best loft for bedding and it’s not an itchy wool.

Our Wool Blends

The majority of our products use Premium-Eco Wool™ batting- our signature wool blend.


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