Naturepedic Organic Mattress Protector Pad- bassinet oval flat 14 x 29" , waterproof

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Waterproof or Non-Waterproof?
Both pads will provide added breathability and absorption in case of an accident.  If a waterproof mattress is used, you can go either way.  However, the waterproof pad eliminates the need to clean the waterproof mattress in the event of an accident (especially convenient).  For non-waterproof mattresses, the waterproof pad is highly recommended for protection while also providing a dust mite barrier.
  • Two Layers of Organic Cotton Flannel - Top and Bottom

  • Highly Absorptive and Extra Soft
  • Reduces Uneven Temperatures, Sweating, and Clamminess
  • Ultra-Thin Waterproof Membrane In Center - Waterproof Version Only 
Features DrySleep™ technology, which effectively blocks liquids from passing through while still allowing the fabric to “breathe.” Some water vapor is allowed to escape resulting in less “sweaty backs” and a drier, more comfortable sleep. Provides a soft, non-sweaty and comfortable waterproof barrier (as compared to vinyl and rubber). Also blocks dust-mites and other allergens. 

  • Alternative Design
    NO Vinyl / PVC
    NO Phthalates 

    NO Latex (for allergy concerns)
    GREENGUARD® Certified

Care: machine wash/dry

Made in: USA

DrySleep™ - Waterproof & Breathable

Based on years of research, DrySleep technology effectively blocks liquids from passing through the fabric while still allowing the material to “breathe.” It features a specially formulated non-toxic medical grade film which effectively blocks liquids while allowing a certain amount of water vapor (similar to humidity naturally found in the air) to pass through. This results in less “sweaty backs” and a drier, more comfortable sleep.
The DrySleep waterproof membrane does not contain any added fire retardants or antimicrobial treatments and is free of vinyl/PVC, phthalates and latex. It is also free of all chemicals listed on California’s Proposition 65 bulletin. It has been tested for off-gassing and easily passes GREENGUARD’s certification standards for eliminating chemical emissions. It is extremely thin (even thinner than the membranes used in the new environmentally friendly cloth diapers).
Vinyl/PVC, latex, and rubber, on the other hand, are very “sweaty”. They block all moisture from passing through, creating a more uncomfortable sleeping environment. DrySleep provides full non-toxic waterproof protection without the associated discomfort.

Naturepedic Passes Strict Independent Laboratory Tests for Low Emissions

The GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI) is an industry-independent, non-profit organization that oversees the GREENGUARD Certification Program. As an ANSI Authorized Standards Developer, GEI establishes acceptable indoor air standards for indoor products, environments, and buildings. GEI’s mission is to improve public health and quality of life through programs that improve indoor air. A GEI Advisory Board consisting of independent volunteers, who are renowned experts in the areas of indoor air quality, public and environmental health, building design and construction, and public policy, provides guidance and leadership to GEI.
The GREENGUARD Certification ProgramSM is an industry-independent, third-party testing program for low-emitting products and materials. In 2005, GEI announced the GREENGUARD Children & Schools standard, providing the most rigorous product emissions criteria to date.
Use of the GREENGUARD mark indicates that a GREENGUARD Environmental Institute approved laboratory has tested and evaluated representative components of a product as well as the complete product, and has determined that the product meets GREENGUARD Emission Standards and that the products are subject to ongoing testing requirements.

Product Code: NAT1466

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