Pure Rest 12"-14" Mattress Zipped Cover in- Queen

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Product Information

Our Organic cotton barrier covers help protect mattresses from debris and dust mites, preventing them from entering and laying their eggs in your bedding.  Using only 100% Organic Cotton Barrier Cloth cover is made from strong, pre-shrunk, tightly woven 440 thread count SKAL certified organic cotton fabric that is heat pressed to tighten the fibers to less than a 6 micron opening - recommended to protect against dust mites debris..

We do not contaminate our organic cotton by adding any chemicals or urethanes.  Chemical-Free.  There is no other company on this continent that can provide an organic barrier cover that is completely chemical-free. In addition, our fabrics are NOT dyed to make them look richer.  WE prefer to keep out dyes whenever possible.  Barrier covers are closed with a nylon zipper to keep those mites out (brass zippers have too much space in between the teeth).  And our zipper zips on 3 sides for ease of use.  You may also use our fitted sheet style barrier for easier use in conjunction with a full protector for older mattresses or alone.

Made in:
USA ( Fair Trade )

Product Code: PURE660

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