Pure Rest Certified Organic Wool Comforter- Regular Fill 38 oz., Euro Twin 54 x 78"

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Our Deluxe Comforter is filled with our wool which is certified organic from the sheep and certified organically processed by Oregon Tilth.  No purer wool exists. We follow all this purity by doing our own testing in a third party lab. Outer fabric is our sturdy, soft organic European Damask so it will last and last. Ours are hand tufted for a soft, fluffy feel. Made right here in California and packaged in our pure food grade polyethylene for total purity.

Wool must be scoured before use as the lanolin is greasy and will eventually begin to degrade the wool.  Our producer has tailored the washing process to fit extremely high standards.  Instead of harsh detergents, a completely biodegradable product is used to clean the wool. The scour train is slowed to allow more thorough cleaning and rinsing.  Then the wool is first fed into a picking machine. The primary function of the picking machine is to pull apart dense bales of wool to add air to the wool and to protect the carding mill from getting jammed. The picker also begins loosening vegetable matter. Remember that most other companies have washed their wool in acid to remove these persistent stickers and burs. Our producer works very hard in order to avoid that process AND to still create clean batting without prickly vegetable matter.   Our producer uses a unique way to card the wool. Most mills run the wool through a simple one breaker "garneting" machine.  Ours uses a three breaker carding machine to comb the wool through 3 complicated breaker/carders that remove even more vegetable matter.  The extra combing also creates fluffier, more consistent batting. In addition, midway through the combing process, the wool is crushed; this doesn't affect the wool, but does crush what vegetable matter is still present in the wool  Our Comforters are warrantied for 1 year against manufacturer defects. Comforters arrive completely protected and sealed in food grade polyethylene to retain purity.  Spot clean.

Made in: USA

Product Code: PURV610

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