Trillium Organics OG Baby- Respiratory Rub 3 oz. BPA-free bottle

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  • Warm butter in hands and apply to chest, back and bottoms of feet (wear socks) to ease congestion and support the body's immune response to the common cold.
  • Eucalyptus Radiata, is the gentlest form of Eucalyptus, nonetheless,  test a fingerprint of the rub on baby's new skin.  If redness occurs, rub onto your arm or chest to expose baby to the vapors while cuddling or nursing.
This traditional cold and flu rub is a classic medicated balm, with organic olive oil and beeswax serving as a base to deliver organic eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils. Breathe Free Tea Tree Respiratory Rub is for use when baby shows signs of congestion due to allergy, cold or flu.

Eucalyptus essential oil has expectorant properties when inhaled, promoting the flow of mucous.  Tea tree essential oil is indicated for use as an anti bacterial, antiviral inhalant in the treatment of ear, nose and throat infections.       

  • Paraben Free
  • Phthalate Free
  • Petroleum Free
  • Nano-Particle Free
  • Propylene Glycol Free
  • Synthetic Fragrance Free
  •  Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Free
  • Certified Organic
  • Certified Cruelty Free
  • Handmade in the USA
  • #1 Recyclable Packaging

For Best Results:
Apply to chest, back and bottoms of feet, before bundling up, to ease congestion caused by allergy, cold or flu.

Test sensitivity:
  For very young infants, or preemies, test skin sensitivity first.  Before applying the balm to the chest, apply a small fingerprint to his or her wrist or ankle first.  If any redness occurs, that tells you that baby’s skin is not ready for pure essential oils.  In such a case, apply the balm to your own skin allowing the baby to inhale the vapors, while you cuddle or nurse the babe.
Baby skin is very fine, and while it is developing, it is particularly vulnerable to external stimuli. It is critical to avoid exposing babies to harmful chemicals, irritants, carcinogens and endocrine disruptors since baby skin is easily penetrated by these agents. Additionally, it is important to support the proper development of the acid mantle and dermal immunity in the first year of life.

OGbaby is formulated to provide support for the developing skin barrier and immune system using certified organic and natural ingredients. OGbaby products are Certified Organic by OCIA according to the USDA National Organic Program standards, meaning that no toxic ingredients are used in our products.

OGbaby by Trillium Organics. The most healthful skin care regimen for babies is simple, effective and organic.

The Importance of pH and Acid Mantle Development

At birth, newborn infants have an almost neutral skin surface with an average pH value of 6.5.  Assuming that baby skin care is managed properly, normal skin
metabolic processes, secretion of sweat and sebum,and the gradual colonization of the skin with micro-organisms results in a gradual adjustment to an acid pH value of 5.5 on the skin surface during the first months of life.

The properly developed acid mantle fulfills a series of major protective functions and supports the maintenance of healthy skin. Recent studies show
that exposure to products with pH values above 6 and below 4.5 destabilizes the mantle and correspondingly reduces barrier function and cellular
regeneration. Impaired barrier function makes skin susceptible to penetration by irritants, allergens and pathogens, and impaired cellular regeneration
degrades dermal health and long-term skin vitality.

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