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What are we?
Welcome to Mama's Organic Baby, your natural baby store offering organic, eco friendly, safe and non- toxic products for your family.  Our products have all been carefully selected for their safety and non -toxic appeal to children, respect for our earth and for the people who make them, and of course for my customers who want to create a "green" nursery . My wish is to is help you find a vast selection of products to create an eco-friendly "greener" home for your family. The products in my store are made in many places throughout the world.  Most of my products are made with Fair Trade practices that  empower individual artisans and factory workers to move from a position of vulnerability to security and economic self-sufficiency through  fair wages for their work in an environment that is safe, clean, and free of ANY child labor. The products on my site all state where they were made for those of you who choose to purchase products only made in certain countries.  I do offer products that are made in China for 2 simple reasons; they make organic products affordable, and their factories are all working under fair trade practices.  Not all products made in China are questionable.. I have personally spoken to the owners of the factories who have their products made in China and they have all assured me of their organic certification and Fair Trade practices.  if you have any doubt about the products safety which are made in China, please email me at Info@mamasorganicbaby.com and i will be more than happy to get you in touch with the owners of their factory.
My store sells organic  products that are certified organic.  We also sell eco friendly products which mean that the products made have not added more pollutants to our earth and are "friendly" to the environment either by their materials used from recycled products or by incorporating organic with reclaimed materials, woods, or metals.  We also offer products made by artists that are all handmade and come from different corners of our world. These products may not necessarily use organic materials, although most do. These hand crafted products are made from recycled  materials such as wool, felt, fabrics from left over materials, or old sweaters, and left over scraps of paper from magazines.  Whatever the material used, they are all incorporating the old with the new and creating beautiful products that don't burden out planet- for me, that's being eco- friendly.

A little bit about me:
I am a mom to 3 beautiful kids, two of whom you will see modeling throughout my store, the other off at college starting her journey in life.  
My journey into a natural lifestyle began about 10 years ago.  Like most people who have made the switch to a natural lifestyle, mine began with just trying to eat organic foods.  I thought that was all I had to do.  Fast forward  5 years later and I was expecting my 2nd child.  One day while standing in line at my grocery store ( Whole Foods to be exact), I came across a wonderful, life changing magazine called Mothering ( I strongly encourage all moms to get a subscription to this magazine).  Reading through the pages of this magazine was so mesmerizing and I could not get enough about learning of the natural life style to raise a child.  I immersed myself into magazines, websites and numerous books that outlined the importance of using organic products and was shocked to learn that most of the products I was using on myself were questionable and could pose a health risk.  The words toxic, unsafe, pesticides, chemicals, and carcinogenic all began to have more meaning.  Never did I think that I would have products in my home that could have one of those words associated with it. I began to really question what exactly was in my home.  Could it really be that something as innocent looking as a bar of soap or shampoo contain ingredients that could lead to cancer?  Were the toys and the food utensils my child using made with dangerous plastics such as phthalates, BPA, PVC or lead?  Is the mattress we  sleep on filled with dangerous, toxic chemicals that are banned in Europe but still being used here in the United States ?  I could not believe  the answers I found and shocking as it was it was also a moment in my life that captivated me enough to want to share with others all that I learned.  And so, to make this long story short, if I can still do so, I created Mama's Organic Baby, your place to:

  • Learn about safe and environmentally friendly products for their family ( visit our Learn section to read up on articles pertaining to the safety of products for children)
  • Shop without the time consuming research of what products are good or not by offering a range of products to create a "green" nursery and home
  • Register for your baby with a 'green registry, make sure to check out or registry suggestions, or make a wishlist
  • Exchange thoughts and opinions( visit our blog( coming soon) and sign up for our newsletter ) to hear your opinions, beliefs and stories about the topics discussed.

And so with love...
I bring to you my cozy, little store that if you just could imagine for a second, has a rustic wooden door waiting for you to open, come in, sip some warm tea and yummy cookies( yeah why not! ) and hopefully find something that appeals to you. If you don't please contact me and I will do my best to get it for you.

Oh and 1 more thing......
have you hugged a tree yet?

stephanie scher



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