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More than ever it’s difficult for children to make room for self reflection. This is why we created MySeat, for your developing child.


  • If modern and sleek brings a twinkle to your eye than our brushed aluminum Dream stand is what you and your sweet baby need.  Best is, it's at 11 pounds it's lightweight and assembly is faster than you can say relax. MySeat fits perfectly within the moon-like crescent shape of the stand.


  • While Hushamok baby hammocks offer babies the best in sleep, MySeat is ideal for a child’s early development. Proud Company Moment: the best part of MySeat is that it grows with your baby. Babies 12 weeks or to a maximum weight of 50 pounds can use MySeat (WOW, did you know that's the equivalent of a 6 year old child?).
    ? Dream Stand, MySeat, Removable Neck Support & Harness, four point leafspring unique to MySeat (it’s the motion in Hushamok)
    ? The removable tether, neck support, & harness system ensure baby is secured safely and makes it easy to adjust for older children up to 50 pounds.
    ? Dream stand is finished with a brushed finish and nothing else. No powder coating. And we're sure you know aluminum doesn't rust, which means the stand can be used indoors and out.

    Did We Mention It's Organic & Sustainable?
    ? All natural, 100% organic cotton, no flame retardants used, ever
    ? The aluminum castings get top marks for durability, recyclability and sustainability 


    • Safety:
       MySeat must always be used with a Hushamok stand
      ? US & EU Safety Certified
      ? The stand has been tested to hold some serious weight but be sensible use only with authorized Hushamok products
      ? Stop using MySeat when your child reaches a maximum weight of 50 pounds

      ? MySeat is machine washable on gentle cycle
      ? Your Dream stand can always look like a piece of Modern Art, wipe down with a damp cloth

    • FAQ

      • What is MySeat?

        MySeat is eco-friendly furniture designed for babies, toddlers, and children up to a maximum weight of 50 pounds. It is made from 100% organic cotton and is the perfect space for curious kids. Children using MySeat will enjoy the benefits of a gentle rocking motion and their own space for restful moments. Always ensure the Hushamok stand that hangs MySeat is used on a flat stable surface to prevent overturning. MySeat should always be used with parental supervision and is not a swing.

        How old does a baby need to be to use MySeat?

        Your baby should be about 3 months old before they will enjoy the benefits of MySeat. The removable tether, neck support, and harness system ensure baby is secured safely and makes it easy to adjust for older children up to 50 pounds.

        How long should I use the neck support for?

        The neck support should be used up until your baby has enough neck strength to hold their head up without assistance. The removable neck support detaches easily leaving the 3-point harness system for young babies that require the additional safety.

        How long should I keep the tether attached to the stand?

        The tether should be used as long as you feel comfortable. It is there for added stability and to prevent children from using it as a baby swing. Remember it is a seat that will have gentle movement but it is not to be used as a swing. When a child no longer needs the tether it can simply be folded up and hidden away in the pocket under the seat. Please refer to instructions for additional details.

        Can my baby sleep in MySeat?

        MySeat is not intended for sleep anymore than a car seat is. Children should always be supervised when in or around the seat to prevent accidents or misuse.

        What is the maximum recommended weight MySeat can support?

        MySeat can be used for children up to a maximum weight of 50 pounds.

        Can MySeat be used with any of the Hushamok stands?

        YES, MySeat can be used with both the Okoa Beechwood and Dream Aluminum stand. Our designs support our vision of creating sustainable, eco-friendly furniture that grows with your child.




The Organic MySeat is the hottest item for “awake” time while the Hushamok baby hammock continues to offer babies the best in sleep.  MySeat embraces the Hushamok modern eco-design with all the safety you expect from our products.  MySeat can be used for babies as they become more alert and interactive (approximately 12 weeks old). Simply use the attached tether, neck support, and harness system to ensure baby is secured safely into their MySeat. Please refer to the assembly requirements and warnings for more detailed information about MySeat.  The removable neck support, harness, and hideaway tether system make it easy to adjust/adapt for older children (up to a maximum weight of 50 pounds.  MySeat is designed to fit any of our stands Certified organic cotton from Turkey.  The unique design makes it the essential item for you and your child.  *MySeat must always be used with a Hushamok stand.

Weight/Age Specification: Hushamok recommends using MySeat for babies 12 weeks or older and up to a maximum weight of 50 pounds.  Children should never be left unsupervised when using MySeat.

Colors: Natural

Assembled Dimensions: 43”L x 59”H x 42”W

Weight: 22 pound

Made in: China

Product Code: HUSQ558

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